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Children and Adolescents

Childhood and adolescence are critical stages of life, a time when rapid growth and development takes place in the brain. During this period we are developing cognitive and social-emotional skills that will shape our future wellbeing and allow us to successfully navigate the world around us. 

The type of environment we grow up in and early experiences we have shape our development and the way we will manage stressors, relationships and life in general. Early negative experiences in homes, schools, or digital spaces, can have significant effects on our mental health, development and increase risk of suicide. Worldwide, 10-20% of children and adolescents experience mental health conditions, with half of all mental health conditions starting by 14 years of age.

BetterSpace Wellbeing Clinic can provide support for children, adolescents and their family to improve wellbeing. Utilising creative and engaging approaches, we work with you to assess needs and learn new skills and strategies to overcome the challenges being faced, whether this be coping with home or school stress, mental health issues, identity or life in general. Not everyone’s experience is the same and not every strategy works the same for each person. At BetterSpace we will work with you to identify and develop the strategies and approach that is right for you and provide you a place for growth. 


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