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Psychology Support

The standard fee schedule for services at BetterSpace are:

- General Psychologist: $175 per session

- Clinical Psychologist: $220 per session

Sessions are 50 minutes in duration. Rebates are available in many circumstances to help reduce costs, including Medicare rebates with an appropriate GP referral. Unfortunately BetterSpace does not provide bulk billing.


EAP/Business Support

BetterSpace offers business contracts, known as Employment Assistance Programs, that can allow employees to access the service with NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES. If you would like more information about how BetterSpace can support your staff and business, please contact us. 

NDIS Psychology Support

BetterSpace has a broad range of experience in providing therapeutic supports, assessments and interventions to individuals, carers and families through NDIS. BetterSpace services can be accessed by any individual that is Plan Managed and has the appropriate psychology supports outlined in their NDIS package. Please speak to us about fees for accessing services through NDIS.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellations fees are unfortunately a necessity. These fees exist to help respect the time of those seeking support and that of our team. There are high demands for mental health support, and late cancelled/non-attended appointments could have been offered to others in need if enough notice was provided. And let’s be honest, the fact that staff still need to be paid whether you attend or not plays a bit of role. 

Please contact us if you would like to discuss fee options further. 

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