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Mental Health

Mental health is a prominent issue in the world today, with 1 in 4 Australians experiencing a clinical level of symptoms at some point in their lives. The world has changed, evolved, developed so rapidly in the last 50 years that our minds and bodies have found it a struggle to keep up. We are surrounded by competing pressures and expectations, overstimulation, a constant negative news feed, mixed messages about what we should do/look like/achieve to be “happy”, plus everything else. With all of that, it’s not surprising we feel the way we do!

Two of the most common mental health conditions experienced are anxiety and depression, but there are many more. There are few signs we (or someone close to us) may notice when our mental health needs some attention:

  • Sleep issues

  • Change in appetite or eating habits

  • Experiencing concentration/memory issues

  • Withdrawing from others

  • Easily frustrated or quick to anger

  • Change in mood

  • Loss of energy or motivation

  • Difficulty relaxing

  • Increase use of alcohol and/or drugs

  • Overthinking or ruminating


We don’t need to manage our mental health alone and we don’t need to wait until we’re completely overwhelmed to ask for help.

BetterSpace can provide support, help you learn more about your mental health, strategies to live well and become your best self. Not everyone’s experience is the same and not every strategy works the same for each person. At BetterSpace we will work with you to identify and develop the strategies and approach that is right for you and provide you a place for growth.

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